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About TheFudge.NET

Supporting the blind

This website was started to provide a good service to people who are visually impaired or blind.
I found that too often on chat they were put down and ostracised from society.
my definition of friendship is someone who accepts another person for who they are, not what theyre expected to be.

It has been my aim to provide a good friendly and warm community for not only people with vision impairments but for anyone to chat and share there lives.
a community of people that are willing to kick in and help someone out when they need it.

At times spending 3hours with someone on voice chat explaining how to use a program to burning a cd and sending it to a dial-up user in another country. Gestures you would expect from mates but get from good people jus wanting to make honest friends online.

For years I have enjoyed helping others and am glad to do so whilst introducing people to noe another and meeting different types of people.
Along with my mIRC script mIRC With Speech I also work in education teaching visually impaired how to utilise technology.
Feel free to join our community and ask any question or just drop in to say hi.